Frequently Asked Questions

No, WhereIsEveryone is fully web based and is accessed through your internet browser.

Whilst both Outlook and spreadsheets have their place, neither were designed to manage multi person location bookings. WhereIsEveryone has been designed for exactly that, and offers the following benefits:
    • Location based booking
    • Easily view where colleagues are
    • No complex / limited permissions around who can see who
    • Filter by teams and / or projects
    • Group desks and resources into zones, and book by zone
    • Monitor and limit the number of people booked into a location and / or zone
    • Monitor CO2e savings when staff are working from home
    • Track usage history

Coming soon, although WhereIsEveryone has been designed to be as easy to use on a mobile device as it is on a PC.

If your employer has enabled self registration, then yes, you can register yourself. If not, your employer needs to add you as a user.

No, the system doesn't actively track any movement. It is down to you to say where you will be.

This is so WhereIsEveryone can estimate the amount of CO2e emissions your journey creates, and how much you save by working from home. This data is optional, and can only be seen by User Managers within your organisation.

Currently, we take the distance from your home to the location, as the crow flies. We then look up the CO2e emission for your selected mode of transport, using data from here, Our World In Data, and multiple the two to get a total.

Access is only available to those in your domain and they only have permissions over their bookings.

Yes, we call these Zones. On the Standard package you can create as many zones as you want, call them what you want, and determine how many people can be booked in at any one time.

You can add maps to each location, identifying where the zones are.If you have added one or more maps, an icon will appear next to the zone dropdown.

Yes. To do this you can add a status under the Locations / Status option. People can then book this in the same way they would book into a location

Conceptually these are very similar, which is why they are managed and selected in the same place. A location is a physical workplace you can book people into. Status is similar, in that it identifies, where people are, i.e. On Holiday, Working From Home, Customer Visits, but doesn't represent an actual work place.

You have the ability to set AM, PM or All Day as booking options.

Team Leaders can book or invite members in their team.

Yes, you can cancel any time, and your subscription will run until the end of the current paid period.